Yacht Maintenance

We are pleased to provide our Members at both Old Port Cove and North Palm Beach Marinas with professional full-service yacht maintenance. The OPCM Yacht Maintenance Department offers a full compliment of maintenance and repair services. From washing & waxing to scheduled engine starts and system checks, our professional team brings many years of service together with a well trained crew who provide only top quality products and services. Included in their list of services are mechanical, electrical, carpentry, glasswork, plumbing and marine head maintenance, and repair. Our long-term, full time staff is pleased to professionally design and customize a program to fit you, your budget, and your vessel requirements. We will also act as your liaison for any other professional services.

Yacht Maintenance Department features a professional team of long-term personnel, dedicated to providing our Members with quality, in-house, full service yacht maintenance at a very competitive price.

  • Description of Services General Wash Downs** 
    • $2.25/ft under 50ft
    • $2.50/ft 50-80
    • $3.00/ft 80 and up
  • Topside, Metal & Hull Waxing | $38.00/hour
  • Teak Cleaning | $38.00/hour
  • Compounding | $45.00/hour
  • Engine Start/System checks | $60.00/hour
  • Fuel Polishing | $76.00/hour
  • A/C Descaling | $76.00/hour
  • Mechanical/ Electrical/ Plumbing | $76.00/hour
  • Marine Head Plumbing | $80.00/hour
  • General Customer Service Rate $35.00/hour

**Rates subject to vessel condition, additional charges may apply**

Additional Services: Local PickUp & Deliveries • Storm Prep • Bottom Cleaning Air Conditioning • Electronics Engine Maintenance & Repairs • Head Systems Interior Cleaning and more NEW SERVICES AVAILABLE! Fuel Polishing & A/C Descaling If we can’t handle your needs in-house, we will find you a professional that can! Please call to schedule a thorough inspection of your boat and chart a course of action for your personalized maintenance program.

To schedule maintenance, contact Mike Bergen, Yacht Maintenance Service Manager